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People With Disabilities Can Live Normal Lives Too

MacDonald Training Center Fine Arts Center

For decades individuals with developmental disabilities were either sent to state institutions or had to idly sit at home. J. Clifford MacDonald and a group of visionary parents of individuals with developmental disabilities disagreed in these alternatives and proceeded to create innovative educational, vocational and residential alternatives. Their efforts led to one of the first pre-schools in the nation for children with developmental disabilities. In 1953, the MacDonald Training Center (MTC) was founded.

For nearly 60 years MTC lead innovative services to people with developmental disabilities. They became the first organization to develop supported employment and supported living services as alternatives to sheltered workshops and traditional group homes. Now all of the individuals whom the center provides residential services to live in their own homes, regardless of their service needs.

“People with disabilities leading the lives they choose.” - MTC

Just like Voice The Movement, the MacDonald Center supports the Arts. In addition to their Fine Art Gallery, the center encourages creativity and self-expression through its Fine Arts Studios. Individuals with developmental disabilities who posses’ artistic interests create expressive art, both for personal satisfaction, growth, recreation, and for sale to the community. MTC promotes the work of its artists and the art is available for sale at the MTC Fine Arts.

On Thursday, November 13, Voice The Movement will join MTC to celebrate the latest inspirational artworks from the MTC Fine Arts Studios, as they celebrate 60 years of service to the community.

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