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Not Your Average Non-Profit

Voice THE Movement, Incorporated is not your average non-profit organization. The name started off as the personal mission statement of its founder Ivy Box. Her vision for the organization was created based on over 10,000 hours of volunteer work and community service. After acknowledging that everyone (men, women, and children) not only needed, but deserved to live a better quality of life, the movement began.

In less than 2 years the organization has already impacted the lives of hundreds of students, community leaders, and adult volunteers through their FLAWLESS: Putting Your Best Heel Forward Girls Empowerment Workshop and their FEARLESS & FLAWLESS Boys & Girls Empowertainment Workshop.

"There's a purpose for everything that we do, from the logo, the colors, our initiatives. There's a pride, a passion, a unique desire to pulse a heartbeat in everything that we do." said founder Ivy Box.

The organization recently launched its new website and hopes to partner individuals, companies, and other organizations to continue to build and impact the community through its health, education, arts & entertainment, and technology initiatives.

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